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J'Ville Riders Motto/Slogan:

"We Just Ride!" - is a motto that celebrates the organization's joy and love for the sport of motorcycling. There are no rules and regulations that will limit the free spirit found in riding. J'Ville Riders is comprised of the most experienced riders of Jacksonville who in turn share the same love through "lessons learned" to less experienced riders.

J'Ville Riders Mission:

J'Ville Riders (JR) are a group of men and women who have the common interest in owning and operating motorcycles to form a cohensive unit to promote both brotherhood and sisterhood alike.

J'Ville Riders Purpose:

The purpose of JR is to bring together a group of people who enjoy similar philosophies and riding styles with a focus on community spirit. JR focuses on giving to those in need through charity events and community service activities while promoting a positive self-image. While keeping God first, JR will forever strive to promote comradeship and enhance bonds between other motorcycle clubs by supporting their sponsored events to improve relations between the general public and motorcycle riders through discussion and various social events. With the exhibition of spirituality and the passion for riding, JR has become an entity that can accomplish all things within the motorcycle arena. JR promotes motorcycle safety and education through motorcycle rider safety courses, seminars, and rallies; and through club meetings and discussion amongst safety gear, riding techniques, motorcycle maintenance, and repair with JR riders. In an effort to welcome all types of riders, JR does not discriminate against any race, religion, or ethnicity.

The Meaning of the Red, White, and Black.


The blood that has been shed on the street through death of past members and maintaining and sustaining the integrity of the JR motorcycle club.


The purity, humbleness, and given spirit that can be found in all of God's people through God's forgiveness and mercy.


Being the most dominate color in the color spectrum. The Black stands for the unity the brothers and sisters of JR have, no matter what color, sex, creed, or religion.

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